Admir Mujkic
1 min readFeb 18, 2023

Thanks for writing. I found your article to be very helpful.

I have found that NServiceBus can be difficult to set up and configure, especially for developers who are new to it. I would not recommend this for startups due to the steep learning curve and longer time-to-market. Are we on the same page?

When processing a large volume of messages, NServiceBus can be resource-intensive. This can lead to performance problems without careful management and optimization. Based on your experience, do you have any suggestions for optimizing NServiceBus?

It is true that you provide very practical tips for NServiceBus. NServiceBus is a powerful tool for building robust and scalable distributed systems, but it requires careful consideration and planning.

Also, I was wondering if you'd like to catch up over coffee sometime? Let me know when you're free and we can figure out a time that works for both of us. Looking forward to chatting with you!

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