Admir Mujkic
1 min readFeb 22, 2023

In my latest article:

I discuss how empathic approaches can enhance pull request reviews! In the workplace, stress must be addressed and a positive and constructive environment must be created for feedback and collaboration.

We can reduce stress and ensure the success of software development projects by thoroughly testing code, providing clear documentation, adhering to coding standards, and using empathetic approaches to reviews.

In my post about how Conventional Commits improved our productivity in a few projects, I described how it helped us and provided checklists for developers and reviewers on what they should be aware of before submitting or reviewing PR.

Hassan Rezk Habib and the contributors deserve special thanks. They are provided The Standard, which can be very helpful in this domain to avoid common mistakes during coding.

A comprehensive survey was also conducted on the topic of pull requests and their impact on software development. Using the survey results, we can gain valuable insights into developers experiences and perceptions of pull requests, as well as suggestions for enhancing the review process.

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